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Salad Fingers is a WWI Survivor


Throughout the Salad Fingers series, he makes reference to ‘The Great War’ which many believe is a reference to WWI, as that is what most people called the war before WWII.  Of course this could be any war and since it is a cartoon it may not be a real war but a made up one just in the animated reality but WWI or WWII seem most likely.  During WWI there were many new and strange weapons that were used, including biological and chemical weapons that could cause the strange disfigurations that Salad Fingers and all the other characters in his world seem to have.  Or if it was WWII it could be a nuclear bomb that obliterated the city and caused the mutations by radiation poisoning.  Either way, something wiped out Salad Fingers home town and he was likely saved by hiding in his safety cupboard.  When the attack was over his entire family was gone and the isolation and loneliness caused him to go crazy and develop weird afflictions that cause him to talk to himself and give personalities to inanimate objects.  He made his three finger puppet ‘friends’ so he could have some company in an otherwise lonely world.
This theory is backed by the fact that Salad Fingers constantly mentions the Great War.  When he finds a dead corpse of his brother Kenneth he believes that it is really Kenneth back to visit while on shore leave.  He also believes that an old newspaper clipping is really a letter sent from his friends and family who are out fighting the war, and even attempts to write his own letter to send back to those who are caught up in battle.  He also has a safety cupboard that is likely a bomb shelter where he hid during the attack that destroyed his city.

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